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The Chinese oath is written as a solemn pledge

Le 10 December 2018, 08:04 dans Humeurs 0

The couple completed their vows under the officiating of the master of ceremonies

Chinese wedding vows are relatively simple, usually read by the master of ceremonies, and the bride and groom make the most solemn commitment to complete the ceremony. Oath of Chinese and western on the time and the content is big, normally western oath will read time control in 15-20 minutes, and Chinese style wedding emcee in her oath generally net time can't more than five minutes, in the west in the oath of read often took place in the church and more serious, and Chinese style with a lively atmosphere. The way they do it is very different. See which oath fits you better.

Chinese wedding vows:

The groom

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I, _____, marry you, ______, be my wife. I greet thee with the truest joy into my life, that we may be one and one. I will be a loving and faithful husband to you. Help you. I promise to take care of you with the deepest make love, with the most complete heart, and take care of you with the gentlest attitude. I promise that your place in my life is the most important. I promise that I will lead our life into a life of faith, hope and love. No matter in front of the peace and prosperity or threats and obstacles, let us grow old together. On this holy day of marriage, in the presence of all, I promise you that I will always be a loving and faithful husband to you.

The bride

I..., marry you..., be my husband. With the most sincere joy I share with you in a new life. Just as you promised me your life and all your love, I am also glad to give you my life and I will trust you. Therefore, I would like to say to you that... I will love you, obey you, take care of you and make you happy. I will help you, comfort you and encourage you. Therefore, no matter what happens in our life, I am willing to promise you that I will be your obedient and faithful wife.

Small make up carefully arrange for everyone today about the difference between the marriage oath and writing, can want to be married new people have certain help, vowed to silent promise with you all my life.


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Creative wedding flower door style white gauze curtain adorns romantic love

Le 8 December 2018, 08:13 dans Humeurs 0

Wedding flower gate is often seen in western weddings. When couples walk through the flower gate hand in hand, it means that the wedding ceremony is officially opened and the newlyweds start a new life. The following content has brought you some creative wedding door styles, in many styles, I believe there will always be one you like, come to understand it in detail.

Simple twig door

With only a few dry branches to set up the flower door, we are truly immersed in nature in this lifetime.

Flower gate from stars:

White gauze curtain gently flowing attainment, vertical type white shiny red of the planets in the solar system, led twinkle light like other star sky, the dream of the universe view of perfection in the arms of the ancient trees. This is the best choice for aliens and earthlings!

Smart fresh flower gate:

Under the eaves of the farm hang mini glass bottles full of fresh flowers, as if connected with the world of light through spirit.

Ancient wooden flower gate:

Choosing the shade of towering trees as the site of the ceremony, the pure white paper lanterns are strung together to create a holy atmosphere, seemingly simple but one of the most creative images in life.

Indoor green flower gate:

With a large number of ferns and trees potted decoration indoor space, lush high and low staggered can also create a forest moving participation.

Glass lamp door:

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The candlestick of glass ball type hangs in the forest as the background that holds a ceremony to hold a venue, not only all the more holy and refined, also bring beautiful lamplight to a certain extent.

Style gate:

Still that sentence, in nature towering trees and thick forest is the best wedding background, just two pillars to mark the station.

Striking floral arrangements:

If simple log white and forest green are not enough to express your strong love, decorate the top of the shelf with a full bloom of flowers.

Lantern chains and garlands:

Hold a ceremony in farmyard, can string up natural line with the lamp like this, reoccupy irregular garlands deck real wood screen serves as ceremonial background.


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The beautiful Korean style bridal makeup painting method makes the sweet bride makeup look

Le 6 December 2018, 08:33 dans Humeurs 0

Everybody thinks the girl makeup look of Korea TV series inside is particularly good-looking, the makeup look of bride is romantic more delicate, this also is the reason that Korean style bridal makeup receives a lot of prospective bride favour. So how are these romantic and delicate makeup made? Small make up this to share the painting method of beautiful Korea type bridal makeup for everybody, help everybody make a sweet bride.

Aesthetic Korean bridal makeup painting method 1, bottom makeup

Korean bridal makeup of the bottom pay attention to transparent immaculate. Apply pearlescent foundation fluid evenly to all face first, must notice the neck also wants besmear, otherwise color difference can be very apparent. Then use the concealer pen on the spot that has blemish again, push with finger abdomen, reoccupy sponge is patted gently decorate. Finally choose the honeypowder of transparent quality of a material to press gently on the whole face to make up.

Only Korean style bridal makeup painting method 2, eyebrows

Korean style bride makeup stresses natural and fresh, so the method of brow painting is natural Korean style eyebrows. The eyebrow that USES light color eyebrow pen to outline gives brow form first, brush a layer of eyebrow powder that is close to hair color gently again.

Aesthetic Korean bridal makeup painting method 3, eye shadow

South Korea bride makeup often USES aureate to fasten eye shadow, because aureate series eye shadow already elegant atmosphere and nature is 100. The painting method is to use white eye shadow to hit a bottom, emphasize at eye end place, next brush with eye shadow gently besmear a layer of aureate eye shadow, carry bright eye corner with white bead pink finally.

Aesthetic Korean bridal makeup painting method 4, eyeliner

The eyeliner of Korean type bridal makeup stresses natural and fluent, the eyeliner that USES black eyeliner first is stuck to eyelash root all the way to eye horn, deepen the eyeliner of eye end place again, make the eye appears more abstruse. Finally, apply the brush to take the eyeliner paste, deepen the eyeliner drawn, and emphasize the eyeliner at the end of the eye.

Aesthetic Korean bridal makeup painting method 5, eyelashes

Korean style bride makeup eyelash presents the effect that is natural roll become warped, root trenchant, use eyelash clip to become warped, besmear again a layer eyelash creams can. If your own eyelashes are too thin, you can also choose natural long false eyelashes.

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Beautiful Korean style bridal makeup painting method 6, the cheek is red

The cheek of Korean type bride makeup is red the apple muscle that builds a natural and full-bodied, make a person looks full of spirit, sweet and pretty, full of vigor. Choose a natural light pink blush for the blush and brush in the position of the apple muscle.

Beautiful Korean style bridal makeup painting method 7, gao guang

Korean bridal makeup should also use high light to create a three-dimensional facial contour, high light can help the bride become more beautiful under the spotlight. The brightness of the chin depends on the face shape. People with short chins should hit the highlights below the tip of the chin. People with long chins should hit the highlights slightly above the tip of the chin. T - shaped area is the highlight area of high light. Sweep the highlighter powder evenly across your forehead, then sweep the highlighter vertically from the bridge of your nose. To make your nose more solid, you can also sweep the shadows on the side of your nose.


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