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 How do underwater wedding photos open their eyes eight shooting techniques analysis

Le 14 juin 2018, 10:42 dans Humeurs 0

 Underwater photos gradually sought after and loved by the general public, and shooting after all in the water and on land, in the process of filming will encounter many problems, such as underwater photos how to open is a huge problem. But don't worry, the following content will help you to analyze these problems one by one, and there are more underwater wedding photography skills to share with you.

  How do underwater wedding photos open their eyes -- practice ahead

  If we are ready to take underwater wedding photos, we need to practice the "skill" of opening Yang jing in the water in advance. Because the average person's eyes are closed tightly in the water without the goggles. So to take a picture of opening your eyes naturally in the water, you need to practice a lot. Soak your face in water, practice holding your breath, opening your eyes, smiling, etc.

  Underwater wedding photos how to open your eyes - to know water

  Another important aspect of underwater wedding photography is that both partners should know how to swim, and be connected to the water in a self-conscious manner, with their limbs as wide apart as possible. Of course, if both parties or one party is not familiar with water, it is necessary to practice in advance.

  How can an underwater wedding photo open your eyes -- without fear of water

  After seeing the above two points, do you think you can't take underwater wedding photos if you can't swim? Actually also not, the most important still cannot be afraid of water, swim also became second. Because if you are afraid of water, it is easy to get flustered in water drops because you are afraid of water. In this way, the photos you take will not look good, and there may be safety problems. Of course, if you can swim, you'll be able to do a better pose.

  Underwater wedding photography skills

  Underwater wedding photography skills - selection of wedding fabric

  Was shot in the water because it is over, we in choosing a dress, be sure to select some fabric soft dress, otherwise too burdensome or heavy wedding dress, are likely to be encountered because after the water will sink in the bottom, take out elegant feeling. But before you take a photo, make sure you have some light-colored swimsuits and swimsuits (girls are advised to wear a light bikini or a set of undergarments) in case they're too light and too light.

  Underwater wedding photography - eating before shooting

  Taking photos underwater is physically exhausting, so be sure to eat before you take pictures and avoid taking pictures on an empty stomach. But don't eat too much, because underwater may have some effect on digestive function, so be sure to eat in moderation.


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 Indoor wedding photography skills

Le 12 juin 2018, 13:42 dans Humeurs 0

 Many couples can't relax when they take wedding photos, especially when they take wedding photos indoors. The scene of indoor wedding photos is relatively simple, and it is easy to make the couple feel uncomfortable. It is easy to be restrained when taking wedding photos. Here's a look at some of the techniques used to help couples take wedding photos in their homes.

  Indoor wedding photo shooting skills 1

  The new couple should show their attractive body shape. It is recommended to pose on the side when shooting, especially the bride. The wedding photos would look too stiff if they were simply facing the camera. So somebody has to ask how many angles do you need to turn on your side? Don't worry, this photographer will help you control it, and the post-processing will be easier, the photos will be more natural, and the body lines will be perfect.

  2. Sweet and true smile

  Taking wedding photos is not the same as taking art photos. Oh, it is not wise to be cool to take sweet wedding photos, because it is very difficult to be cold and beautiful. It is recommended that couples practice their smiles in the first two weeks of filming, and that couples keep their natural, sweet smiles when taking photos. Indoor wedding photos taken in the room are rather old-fashioned, you should laugh all day, without a good habit of smiling, it is difficult to sustain. If it is, of course, meet a senior photographer, so the couple also can easily many, they often use words to infect you, let you unknowingly infected, nature will be laughing.


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 What do bridesmaids do on the wedding day that is important in the wedding   Good sister, good friend wedding day, with the bride and groom's blessing t

Le 7 juin 2018, 11:16 dans Humeurs 0

 Good sister, good friend wedding day, with the bride and groom's blessing to attend the wedding as the groomsman bridesmaid, but as the groomsman bridesmaid in the wedding day to do what? To help the bride and groom, check out what the groomsman and maid of honor are doing on the wedding day.

  Best man, what do bridesmaids do

  Bridesmaid: on the wedding day, the bridesmaid should come to the bride's house in advance and help the make-up artist to make up for the bride and change her wedding dress. Also, check the bride's things and organize all the items needed for the wedding day, such as bridal toasts, shoes, make-up bags, small things and red envelopes.

  Groomsman: as a groomsman, the groomsman should meet with the groom early to help the groom decorate the floats and arrange some preparations for the wedding.

  Best man, what do bridesmaids do

  Bridesmaid: when the groom comes to greet the bride, the maid of honor should make it a little difficult for the groom to marry the bride. When the bride bid farewell to her parents, the maid of honor should present the bride with a tissue in time.

  The groomsman: the groomsman will marry the bride with the groom. The groomsman will help the groomsman compete with the bride's sisters, relatives and friends, and help the groomsman get the bride back.

  Best man bridesmaid what do you want to do

  On the wedding day, there will be a lot of guests, the bride and groom must be busy, so the groomsman and the maid of honor will help the bride and groom greet the guests. Greet guests at the door of the wedding hall with the bride and groom and guide them to their seats. When greeting guests, the bridesmaid of the groomsman should add the guest's name on the red envelope if there is no name for the red envelope given by the guests, so that the bride and groom can return the gift in the future.

  What are the groomsmen and bridesmaids doing during the wedding ceremony

  In the wedding ceremony, the best man bridesmaid is not the leading role, but there is also a very important work in the ceremony.

  The maid of honor: in the wedding ceremony, the maid of honor is responsible for holding on for the couple ring pillow, for the bride bouquet, pass the above at any time when the bride emotional paper, watch the bride dress of appearance and the makeup of the finishing clothing should be in time for the bride when finishing, let the bride keep perfect image.

  Groomsman: in the wedding ceremony, the groomsman should be flexible, if necessary, cooperate with the host to drive the wedding atmosphere, when the newlyweds toast tea, take the initiative to help move the chairs and so on.

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