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ACONAV shines spotlight on Native American fashion

Le 16 novembre 2017, 04:49 dans Humeurs 0

ACONAV shines spotlight on Native American fashion

coma Pueblo designer, Loren Aragon is the mastermind behind ACONAV. He is channeling inspiration from Native American culture and creating beautifully crafted designs. The name ACONAV represents the cultures of Loren and his wife Valentina. Loren is from the Acoma Pueblo and Valentina is from the Navajo (Diné).

Aragon’s brand, based in Phoenix, originally started out as a greeting card company in 2008. Aragon explored the fine arts and then shifted over to jewelry making. His wife is the one who inspired him to pursue fashion design.

“It’s like painting a story,” said Aragon when asked about the creative process behind his designs.

ACONAV made its debut at Phoenix Fashion Week in 2016. Aragon came in close to winning Designer of the year. Aragon is very eager to showcase his new designs at this year’s fashion week.

At the 2017 Phoenix Fashion Week, Aragon won the title Designer of the Year. This is the first time in Phoenix Fashion Week’s nine-year history that a Native American owned fashion brand took top honors as the 2017 Couture Designer of the Year, according to a press release.

Traditional Acoma Pueblo pottery designs are becoming ACONAV’s signature design. He was inspired after reminiscing on watching his mother and aunt make traditional garments featuring those unique pottery designs. Aragon utilizes all original graphic designs on his creative clothing as well. Silk is one of his favorite fabrics to display his carefully crafted designs on.

“ACONAV’S designs really tell a story,” said MacKinley Lutes-Adlhoch, an Arizona State University student who attended Phoenix Fashion Week this year. “It was easy to see that Loren drew inspiration from his rich cultural background to create clothes that walked down the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week.”

Another major characteristic of ACONAV is its focus on celebrating the strength and empowerment of women. Aragon expresses this aspect of his culture through his carefully crafted designs that also tie into modern style. Aragon created a hashtag for ACONAV called #EvokeEmpowerment. He said that the hashtag shines a light on standing up to cultural appropriation.

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Fashion And Interiors

Le 9 novembre 2017, 07:58 dans Humeurs 0

Fashion And Interiors Collide With Helen Levi's DVF CollectionWhen Brooklyn-based ceramicist Helen Levi was approached by Diane von Furstenburg to create a collaborative collection, she found inspiration in a new resource: textile. Having made custom work for Steven Alan and regularly distributing to ten stores nationwide, Levi is no rookie to the industry. Her signature works, nature-inspired mugs, cups, tableware, and planters, are widely-recognized and highly sought after. However, with this ceramic collection came a fresh fashion-influenced edge.

In building an original assortment for the brand, the artist found craftsmanship in the clothing’s timeless animal patterns and retro stripes. Colors and textures of DVF’s pieces are reflected in Levi’s exclusive collection, which she was given complete free creative reign to design. This, is why when fashion and decor come together, all bets are off and innovation and beauty emerge.

Lonny: What were your immediate thoughts upon being approached to create work for such an iconic fashion house?

Helen: "I was so excited and flattered! I'm not particularly in tune with fashion houses, but DVF is one I've been aware of since I was a kid, and Diane has always stood out as a singular woman in charge."

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What I wore this week: a cardigan

Le 7 novembre 2017, 07:47 dans Humeurs 0

What I wore this week: a cardigan

There are days when the wanton extravagance of fashion seems like the grotesque death throes of late stage capitalism, and others when it feels like one of the many small sweet ways in which we manifest our love for fellow humans and honour how lucky we are each day to be waking up and getting dressed on this beautiful planet.

ame for you, right? Pretty sure I speak for all of us here. Well, the good news it that today is one of the latter, better, days. Because cardigans. (And yes, that is a sentence; do try to keep up.) If you find yourself doubting, on the dark days, that fashion is an OK thing to care about, remember this: cardigans are on-trend this season.

If that is not reason enough to embrace fashion, I don’t know what is. The nights are drawing in, your skin is pale and goose-bumped, the boiler is making an ominous noise that you don’t remember from last year, but – we can go online and see if that oversize bubblegum pink cardigan with the jewel embroidery is back in stock in the right size at Zara. And one day it will be, and you will punch the air with joy. OK, maybe that very last bit is just me, but still.

There is something deeply comforting about a cardigan, in a tea-bath-bed kind of a way. Like a log fire, or buttered toast. The particular type of cardigan you will be wanting this season, however, is probably not one of the ones you have in your wardrobe already. That charcoal one that is always to be found hung up under someone else’s coat in the hallway is not what we are after here.This season’s Gucci show had a floral-knit, lurex-ruffled cardigan worn with a picture hat and cinched with a bumbag; at Prada, a kingfisher blue bejewelled cardi was worn over a bra top and with a feathered skirt. These cardigans retail for about £2,000, which is clearly bonkers and brings us full circle to aforementioned late stage capitalism. But they were gorgeous to look at on the runway, and have inspired some beauties on the high street. Fashion is crazy. On the other hand, cardigans are never a bad idea.

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