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Selection of bride's wedding shoes

Le 10 juillet 2018, 10:34 dans Humeurs 0

 First, the time of purchase

  When choosing shoes for marriage, it is best to choose between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Because the foot will be a little bigger than usual at this time, and if the selected shoes are comfortable at this time, the shoes will wear out at the rest of the day. In addition, when a person is standing, the footsteps will be a little bit smaller than that of sitting, so it is suggested that the bride take a few steps back and forth after the trial, and carefully feel the stability of the shoes and whether the feet are worn or not. Do not sit and try and buy it.

  Two. Collocation

  Choose the wedding shoes according to the wedding dress. Red is the first choice of the eastern bride. It can not only match the white wedding dress, but also make the red cheongsam more dazzling. The bride can also choose the dark red, bright red or pink according to the depth of the wedding dress and dress. White is a favorite color of western people. It symbolizes pure white. With white yarn and Lily, you will become a wedding scene. In matching wedding dresses, choosing silver and golden wedding shoes is also easy to match. Second, in the dress of the dress, mainly for the bride's dress color choice, if the dress is expensive silk fabric, a golden or silver wedding shoes, is the choice of the hundred.


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 How do you make the groom's wedding hair more attractive

Le 26 juin 2018, 10:22 dans Humeurs 0

How do you make the groom's wedding hair more attractive

  Apart from the bride, the groom is also the focus of attention throughout the wedding day. A beautiful hairstyle can make you more attractive. How do groom marry hair, small detail but have great charm.

  The groom's wedding hairdo was trimmed

  To have a natural and healthy groom's hair on the wedding day, it's best for the groom to have it trimmed a week before the wedding, so it's more natural on the wedding day.

  The groom dyed his wedding hair with a perm

  The groom hot if you want to dye the hair, it is better to go to 7 ~ 10 days in advance, so that you can avoid have just finished my hairstyle is not natural, hot dye hair potions taste is overweight, if during this period the groom to the hair style not satisfied, also have time to make a nap.

  Groom's wedding hair

  After trimmed the groom hair style, it is better to carefully for a period of maintenance, wash hair, increase massage movements, such as using some maintenance products, in this way can your hair in the "big day" in the best condition.

  The groom's wedding hairstyle on the wedding day

  The hairstyle of wedding day can use a bit of wax to grasp gently on the hair, increase the burnish of the hair, but must not use too much, can have greasy feeling otherwise. If the groom has oily hair, he can use a refreshing gel and wash it off the night before the wedding.

  Wedding hair tips for the groom

  If there is a groom that should be paid attention to in the three months before marriage began to care, can buy some dandruff shampoo to use, with warm water to wash hair, finger abdomen massage, can't scratch forcibly, clean, dry the hair with towel, such as the need to blow dry, must stay 15 cm with mild wind blowing head.

  Additional can every three days after washing hair, massage scalp with balmy essential oil (press gently with finger belly), also have the effect that improves dandruff. Essential oils such as bergamot, tea tree, juniper, geranium and rosemary all help improve dandruff.


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Wedding witness speech sample

Le 25 juin 2018, 11:54 dans Humeurs 0

Witnesses generally by the bride or groom, elders, or teachers bear the responsibility, the leadership of the witness have the effect that make the finishing point, in a speech at a wedding is a wedding essential link, is also very formal. How can a wedding witness do a better job of proving the marriage to the couple? Take a look at the wedding speech.

  Wedding witness speech fan wen1

  Dear guests,

  It is with great pleasure I entrusted by the bride and groom, as witnesses at miss Mr Xx and xx, at this sacred and solemn wedding ceremony, I will be with you together to witness the couple's wedding. At this moment, you are a loving couple. From now on, you must love each other with one heart, one mind, one heart and one heart.

  In the end, I wish you a lifetime of loving and caring. Thank you.

  Wedding witness speech fan wen2

  Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

  It is my honor and honor to be the witness of Mr. Xx and miss XXX today. In this warm and romantic day, I can witness together with you this new couple toward the holy palace of marriage, I feel extremely gratified.

  The groom is handsome, handsome, intelligent and capable. The bride is born beautiful, beautiful and kind. I believe that in the days ahead, they will be able to share the same taste, with romantic embellishment of life, with tolerance to understand each other.

  Also hope that the couple remember, don't always said I only have eyes for you, in addition to each other, parents also in my heart, with the fall of the pure heart you return that is higher than day, deep than the sea, than, than gold really support. Life is long, I hope you will support each other in the future road, raise your case together, happiness to white head! Thank you.

  Wedding witness's speech fan wensan

  Today, I am the bride and groom's great trust as witnesses at Mr Xx and xx woman get married, so I feel very honored to, in this sacred and solemn ceremony, for the example, darling tiancheng newcomer to a man of words and feel particularly honored, is also a rare opportunity.

  The bride, virtuous and virtuous, has the inner beauty of Oriental women. She is not only gentle and considerate, but also studious, noble in quality and pure in spirit. Can not only take charge of financial management, but the handy capable, grace, thank god for the harvest of the fruit of love again today, this is a wedding couple, also is our family's a great thing!

  The ancients used to say: mind ACTS upon mind. Is love fate or love, in the shadow of them together. To keep them together, not only did god create the new couple, but he also created their offspring and their future.

  At this moment, the bride and groom get conjugal love of husband and wife, from now on, rich or poor, disease, prosperity, adversity you will wholeheartedly, fidelity to love each other, mutual affinity, grow old together forever in the journey of life, happiness.

  Finally, may you two always be together and happy. Thank you.


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