13 Best and Worst Fashion, Retail and Beauty Stocks of 2017

Fashion and retail had something of a fraught year, but all’s well that ends well — and a lot of companies ended well as far as Wall Street is concerned.

Despite thousands of store closings, a slew of executive changes and the continued migration of shoppers online, 40 of the biggest or most influential public companies in the fashion, retail and beauty industries worldwide ended 2017 with stock prices higher than when the year began.

Another 20 weren’t so lucky, though, despite a historically bull market in the U.S., particularly in the second half of the year. Both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached all-time highs last year and remained at or near their peaks as 2017 came to a close. The back half of the year also saw several retailers and brands regain footing with customers, products and inventory levels, while seeing cost-cutting measures pay off.

All of this led to some strong growth in stock prices. WWD looked at dozens of companies of varying sizes and industry focus and calculated the percentage change from stock prices on the first day of trading in their respective markets to the close of trading on Dec. 29, the last business day of the year. The calculations are not ranked by company size, financial performance or market capitalization — simply the percentage change in stock price which, as any market follower knows, doesn’t always reflect the profits and sales yardstick.

Here are the 13 stocks that grew the most over the year and the 13 that fared the worst — there are a few surprises.

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